Introducing the Botanical Repair Range


Transform your hair from inside and out with Aveda’s NEW Botanical Repair™ range.

Formulated for all hair types and textures, sulfate cleanser-free, vegan, cruelty-free and naturally derived. Botanical Repair™ is the first plant-powered bond multiplying molecule with a three-layer hair repair technology that goes deep to strengthen hair at its core while improving the visible signs of damage.

Aveda’s Botanical Repair line reverses hair damage at all three levels of the hair, repairing from the innermost core out.

  • Inner Cortex – A plant-powered, bond-multiplying molecule strengthens and repairs the hair’s inner core. These molecules interlock with the hair’s own structure, within and across the hair keratin cortex, for superior strength.
  • Cuticle – A nourishing macro-green blend smooths the middle layer of the hair to detangle, helping prevent breakage in the cuticle.
  • F-Layer – A plant-based complex mimics the benefits of the hair’s outermost F-layer. This helps protect it from humidity and water, which can make hair more fragile. 
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