At System Professional, we use cutting-edge science to bring you the best in transformative hair care. Rather than finding quick fixes, our scientists target solutions that address your specific hair needs to regenerate it from the core, for hair that feels healthier and more replenished. Discover a luxurious sensorial experience with high-performance, salon-quality formulas that turn your hair regimen into a ritual of care.

The Science Of Lipids

True hair transformation starts at the core, with scientific know-how on your side. Our scientists have harnessed the power of lipids, which work like cement to bind the hair’s keratin “building blocks” together from within. The problem? We lose lipids far too easily with daily wear, leaving the hair vulnerable and weak. System Professional's LipidCodeTM Complex, a patented technology designed to recalibrate the hair’s natural lipids, ties the cuticles together and protects the keratin.

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