Milbon Elujuda Graceon Emulsion 120ml

Milbon Elujuda Graceon Emulsion 120ml

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For soft hair that naturally enters the ends of the hair

Soft texture

Just put it on at night and let it dry.

A non-rinse treatment that naturally leads to soft hair tips.

With good operability, it supports a wide range of hair types.

"Bisabolol" protects against dryness and dryness caused by the heat of the dryer every day.

Prevents overdrying due to the dryer.

Protects hair from heat damage and makes hair cohesive and shiny.

Contains baobab extract, which leads to soft and moisturized hair.


Warm iris adds a scent of happiness to the fresh fruity floral.

It is designed to leave a clean scent at the beginning and a sweet scent at the end.

How to use

After towel-drying, take an appropriate amount and apply it while passing your finger through the middle to the tip of the hair.

Dry it with your fingers as if you were holding the ends of the hair together.